Harue- Aquamin ( Supplying Calcium, Magnesiun & 72 Minerals) Vitamin K2-7 & Vitamin D3 Tablets


What are the major Indications for  Harue (Aquamin)?
• Aquamin has been clinically proven to improve prognosis, provide prophylaxis and partial
therapy in:
◉ Calcium Deficiency
◉ Osteoporosis (especially in post-menopausal women)
◉ Osteoarthritis
◉ Inflammation (at all tissue locations)
◉ Hypercholestrolemia


What is Harue (Aquamin)?
Harue (Aquamin) is a Unique Marine Plant Multi-Mineral Complex,
enriched with Bioactive Calcium and Magnesium, along with 72 other trace Marine Mineral

• Obtained from the Sub-Tidal Red Algae, Lithothamnion species., Harue (Aquamin)is harvested from
the pristine oceans of North West Iceland. • Researched in labs of Ireland, and processed in the United Kingdom, Aquamin is sold to the world ONLY by Marigot Ltd. and proudly used by Life Vision Healthcare in its wide range of
• Harue (Aquamin), being formed as a result of the mineralization of plant structures is highly porous and
possesses incredible surface area, making it highly bio-accessible and bio-available.
• Also owing to its large surface area, the body can very easily break down rapidly
absorbable calcium, whereas the dense calciums obtained from inorganic sources need
more effort to solubilize to absorbable calcium.
• The surface area of Harue (Aquamin) is 10 m2/g versus 1 m2/g of Calcium Carbonate.
• Harue (Aquamin)is an organic form of calcium, so it consists of more than one type of metastable
polymorphs of calcium, whereas inorganic forms of calcium contain only one polymorph.
• This is evident in structural analysis from the multiple peaks in the diffraction graph of
Harue (Aquamin) when compared to the single peak of Calcium Carbonate.
• Calcium Carbonate has a typical Calcite structure


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